Our references are proof of our flexibility

Here is a selection of references illustrating our ability to adapt to your challenges.

Mobivia | Eco-responsible lithium batteries

Mobivia has entrusted GCK Battery with the development of lithium batteries for Norauto’s Wayscral range of electric city bikes and Fifteen’s self-service bikes.


Mobivia has chosen to entrust the assembly of these batteries to a company based in France, as part of a drive to reduce CO2 emissions from the transport of this equipment. These batteries will use the latest technologies on the market and will be designed with a circular economy approach, taking into account the recyclability of products at the end of their life.


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Motul | Immersion batteries

While enormous progress has been made in recent years in the technological development of lithium batteries, one of the major challenges remains the ability to cool them efficiently to maximise performance and guarantee safety.


Direct immersion is currently one of the most promising solutions to this challenge. Motul has developed a highly specialised dielectric heat transfer fluid in which the entire battery designed by GCK Battery, a subsidiary of GCK, is immersed, thereby controlling the increase in heat due to high-speed charging while helping to prevent the spread of thermal runaway. The aim is to provide OEMs with batteries that can be recharged ultra-fast in less than ten minutes.

Draisy | 100% on-board battery

Draisy is a light train with an electric motor and a battery specially designed by GCK Battery, designed to revitalise small lines with low passenger traffic potential in rural areas.


GCK Battery, alongside Lohr, Stations-e and Railenium, is one of 4 partners chosen by SNCF to develop a new rail system tailored to local mobility needs. The consortium’s ambition is to boost the attractiveness of “short lines” of around a hundred kilometres, by offering more frequent service.

JC Decaux | Battery for e-Vélo’v

At the request of JC Decaux, GCK Battery has developed a compact, lightweight battery (530g) that is easy to transport and use. This battery enables the electrically assisted e-Vélo’v in service in the Lyon metropolitan area to offer users a full charge every time they set off, for a range of 8 to 10 kilometres.


The battery recharges in just 2 hours via a USB-C port, and features a system of indicator lights on the handlebars of the e-Vélo’v to check the charge level throughout the journey.

GCK Energy | Batteries for energy storage

GCK Battery designs lithium-ion batteries for integration into GCK Energy’s 200kVA/300kVA mobile containers.


The flagship product in GCK Energy’s range of mobile storage and power solutions, the mobile container has been designed as a zero-emission alternative or complement to the use of generators.

GCK Mobility | Batteries for retrofitted vehicles

GCK Mobility specialises in electric and hydrogen retrofits for all types of heavy vehicles: commercial vehicles, coaches, buses, lorries, refuse collection vehicles, construction equipment, snow groomers and boats.


Each conversion project incorporates bespoke batteries prepared by GCK Battery to meet the layout constraints proposed by each type of vehicle.


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