Batterie Lithium-ion Standard

Modular battery


Batteries connected in series

GCK Battery has developed a range of battery modules which, connected in series and in parallel, form a battery pack. This technology can be easily integrated in multiple applications from 48 to 1 000 V and from a few kWh to more than 2 000 kWh. This modular battery system meets the requirements of on-board and stationary systems.

On-board package

The e-Blast H2 is a real rolling laboratory developed and operated by GCK Motorsport. In 2024, it will become the first hydrogen racing vehicle to participate in the Dakar Rally. Its 200 kW fuel cell is coupled to our batteries, which in turn power a 320 kW electric motor. The whole unit is subjected to repeated 10g shocks, extreme temperatures, sandy winds… A life-size test bench for our storage systems!

Static package

GCK Energy’s mobile solutions allow to smooth the intermittent production of renewable energy sources (solar, wind) or to bring flexibility to the distribution networks by managing consumption peaks. They are deployed on construction sites or events such as the Dakar Rally (photos) for which a 200 kW / 300 kWh Mobile Container is associated with a field of solar panels of several hundreds of m² which can be transported.


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