Customized battery

GCK Battery

Our expertise at the service of professionals

GCK Battery offers you its expertise in battery design to realize customized solutions. Our offer ranges from portable batteries of a few Wh to energy storage systems of several MWh.

Industrial manufacturing adapted to your project

GCK Battery is committed to excellence at all stages of the project:

  • good understanding of the constraints specific to each customer
  • proposal of adapted solutions
  • research, design and manufacture of innovative solutions
  • availability, competence and efficiency of the interlocutors
  • internal integration of all the stages of design, industrialization and production

Safety guarantee for your custom-made lithium-ion battery

GCK Battery works with independent international laboratories and integrates in its approach all new standards, certifications or approvals related to safety.

Certification of your custom battery

In the early phase of your project, GCK Battery’s design office defines with you the tests and certifications applicable to your product and the targeted market.

  • Transport regulations (UN38.3)
  • Safety standards (IEC 62619, EN 61508, ISO 26262)
  • CE marking
  • Automotive certification (R100-02)
  • Electromagnetic compatibility (EN 61000)
  • Vibration / shock tests
  • Environmental tests (IP tests)
  • Performance / lifetime certification (IEC 62620)
  • Software certification
Batterie lithium-ion vélo électrique

Manufacturing of your custom lithium-ion battery

GCK Battery relies on a direct relationship with the cell manufacturers as well as on its own production capacities in mechanics and electronics of battery management.

GCK Battery’s assets are the know-how and the technical mastery of its teams which ensure and supervise all the key steps of the design, the industrialization and the production of a lithium battery:

  • choice of the chemistry and the form factor of the lithium cell
  • design of the mechanics
  • design of the BMS (electronics and embedded software)
  • taking into account the constraints of use and certification
  • realization of the prototypes
  • tests and validation
  • industrialization
  • production start-up

The manufacturing units are all capable of producing large series. They are also ISO 9001 certified.

Rapid Prototyping

Our R&D teams are accustomed to the very short lead times imposed by the motor sport field and are able to produce your battery prototype in a very short time.


You need more information ?

GCK Battery team does its utmost to answer your questions and satisfy your requests.