Batterie lithium Ion pour vélo électrique

Batteries for electric mobility


Transforming urban transportation modes

GCK Battery accompanies you in the design, manufacture and production of batteries for electric mobility. We produce standard or customized lithium-ion batteries for multiple applications: electric scooter, electric bike, electric scooter, light and heavy electric quadricycle, electric car…

Retrofit – keeping motorsport icons alive

Retrofitting consists of transforming a vehicle with a thermic engine, gasoline or diesel, into an electric one. This technique applies to all means of transportation: cars, buses, motorcycles, trucks, boats; old or new.

Our batteries are used in the Delta Evo-e, a retrofit version of the legendary Lancia Delta Integrale from the 1980s. Produced by GCK Exclusiv-e in 47 units, it is powered by a 147 kW electric motor.


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