Batteries for heavy transport

Our applications

Decarbonizing heavy transport

GCK Battery designs, develops and manufactures batteries for heavy vehicles requiring several power ranges for full electric or hybrid electric-hydrogen applications.


Buses, coaches, trucks, machines

If the hydrogen fuel cell is one of the alternatives to the climate emergency in the field of heavy transport, its implementation cannot be done without the addition of batteries, capable of responding instantly to the driver’s requests. GCK Battery equips the coaches and buses retrofitted by GCK Mobility with battery packs installed in various places of the vehicles.

Trains and streetcars

Our storage solutions are contributing to the transformation of rail transport, particularly in the context of the SNCF’s Draisy project. Equipped with rapidly rechargeable batteries, this small modular train of 80 passengers can run on non-electrified tracks, which are inexpensive to maintain. Intended for short lines with low traffic, it offers flexibility of use such as “à la carte” stops.


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